The Pigeon has to go to school.

The Pigeon has to go to school!

Words and pictures by Mo Willems, Walker books, 2019, softcover, isbn 9781406389012, $16.99

This book is about the Pigeon who really does not want to go to school, even the reading out of the title of the story alarms it.

The Pigeon begins by stating there is nothing to learn at school because it already knows everything (parents may relate to their child here).

From there the Pigeon asks lots of questions that worry it, such as when are school start times, whether the teacher will like pigeons or how will the Pigeon cope with all the stuff there is to learn…

ā€˜What if I learn too much? My head might pop off.ā€™ It says. The accompanying illustration made me chuckle relieving the tension that is being built up as the reader realises just how worrying the thought of school can be for a child (the Pigeon), especially if the child has never been before with his or her older siblings. Turning over to the following double page spread of a tiny Pigeon in a sea of pale grey nothingness is such a poignant way of illustrating just how small and scared the Pigeon really feels.

This book is so good at being a straight talking picture story book for grown ups and children alike.

It gives grown-ups an insight into how their child may be feeling at the prospect of school for the first time. During the reading of the story the child and grown-up can sit down and discuss why the Pigeon feels this way about school and offer answers together. The positively lovely denouement with the contrasting end papers will make this story one that will be read again.

Recommended for all children and grown-ups starting their new school life together.

Sharon Greenaway.

8th October 2019

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